You know, apparently, it was Predicted that the Jews would bring in Millions of Invaders to breed with white women, literally replacing the White people with Brown people. The Blacks will be replaced just by the Collateral Damage of mixing races. Thus we have Advertisements all featuring mixed race Couples. Look at your Ads. Well it was ALSO predicted that Revolutionaries would Take out the Government ( the Jews) and start from scratch a System based on the Constitution. The Jews are Crazy from Incest and so they think their Invasion plan will work out for them. The Jews are A CULT. They preform Rituals with Blood. They suck the penises of babes after Mutilating them. Is this SANE BEHAVIOR??? And so, The People are Preparing for War. This would be, according to the Predictions, REAL AMERICANS going into Government Buildings and Physically dragging out the Traitors. The Real REPLACEMENT will be Replacing the Fucking Jews with White People. Quite the Predictions, don’t you think?????

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