Why would the Media and Government need to tell the truth when Lies are Accepted by The People? JEWS and BLACKS brought the niggers here from Africa for slave trading. THE WHITES FREED THE NIGGERS!!!!!!!! BUT why tell the Truth? Would that ruin their efforts to turn everyone against White people? Yes it would. Only lies can create a fairytale world where Whites are Bad. Trump initiated BLM, Open Borders, worsening conditions for White People. He promoted White Supremacy as being bad when it is the Truth! Trump DIVIDED the country to WEAKEN it and take it down for the NWO who own him. Trump is the Rothschild’s Bitch. All the jews own Trump. He probably gets on all fours for them with a Dog Collar. Trump took money from Big Pharma and GAVI! He has no EMPATHY for innocent Children. He will NEVER STOP the child trafficking!!! He helps it. Trump is a friend and loyal to the jews who are the pinnacle of the Trafficking World. This is where we are People!!!!!!! WE HAVE NO GOVERNMENT! They are all just Bad people who need to be punished!!!!!! They don’t want you to see things for how they are. Look at the Coke in the WH! Look at Congress! Look at Stupid Biden!!!! Don’t look at Trump and the Jew Agenda to KILL AMERICA!!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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