Why isn’t Glenn Beck, Alex Jones, Jo Rogen, X22 report, MEDIA, Trump, Trump Jr, RFK Jr, All the Jews in the White House, Governors, etc talking about the Insurance Indemnities taken out on the Fake Vaccinated people??????? Genocide doesn’t Matter to them? Human Beings do not matter to them? They are ALL PROFITING!!!!!!!!!!! That is why!!!!!!! It’s a big Clown Show!!!!!!!!! Only the people can bring them to Justice!!!!!! The Governments are a JOKE!!!! But the Misery suffered by Innocent children and people is REAL!!!!!!!! Trump is ruining America!!!!!! Everyday that goes by he does his circus act as people DIE!!!!!!!!!!!! No Law can stop the people from RETRIBUTION!!!!!!!!!! To save the world the People must get the criminals themselves.

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