Why did Trump sign a law easing up on the FDA’s Regulations soon after he was in office???? Did this make it easy for the FDA to force a non tested poison Fake Vaccine through the vetting process, killing and maiming MILLIONS OF AMERICANS!!!! That sounds PRE MEDITATED to me. What about you Americans? Did you know you were TARGETED by Trump and all his Jewish Co Conspirators for MURDER????? Trump is not GOD! He is GOD’S enemy. Trump is a Jew. He steals God’s words but it doesn’t matter because he will burn in Hell Forever. He doesn’t rescue children, he kills them. He has a band of FAKE Holier than thou Timothy Holmseth’s and Dave x22 report jews and NUTCASES all around him. There are no Child Rescues. It is a Q JEW SCAM. Trump is SICK in the head!!!!!!!

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