Why did IVANA TRUMP, Trump’s first ex wife, run all over Manhattan with Gislaine the jew Maxwell, procuring young children. They jumped out of Towncars handing out Phone numbers to Kids, getting information. And now she is DEAD. But it was a well know fact she was into children, probably Adrenochrome. There wasn’t much she wouldn’t do to obtain membership in the social climbing club of NYC. There is no SQEAKY CLEAN family in the Trump vs Biden Realm of Disinformation and Mistruths. SURE, they love to bring you Division, black vs white, etc, BUT it is all shit, manifested in Shady Backrooms. The Trumps and the Bidens are neck in neck, with The Trumps being the Worst of the Families. Casinos, Rothschild money, Murder through Poisoning, FILTHY LIES. NO DRUGS around any CASINOS????? Yeah right!!!!!! You Never saw the Trumps Hopped up on Uppers????? They run St Judes? Adrenochrome??????? They hang with the Clinton and Hollywood Crowd??????? HELLO?????? Anybody home???????? 6 to one, half a dozen to another. This is a BIG HOAX to make Americans Pick a Side!!!!!! FUCK YOU TRUMP AND BIDEN!!!!!!!!! We will have our Own System Thank you!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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