Who influences The People? The Schools, Television, the Media, Movies, Singers, People on jew tube? Why would the Government ALLOW the Media to go on air? Why would they allow “ACTORS” to make movies? Why is Jew Tube still existing? Why are Teachers allowed to teach? If the Government shuts down Half of THE PEOPLE, why do they allow the other half to go public? Why this Method? Why did they let everyone on at first and then slowly censor them? Why? Did they intentionally WANT everyone to know that they are controlling EVERYTHING? Would that be part of the Matrix to let everyone KNOW they are in a System controlled by UNKNOWNS? What would that do? Demoralize people? Make people realize they have Accepted this with no knowledge of doing so? Is it half the fun to let people know you Fooled them? What glory is there in not getting CREDIT for your actions? Is this a WEAKNESS of the Government? There is no understatement in anything they do. It is if they WANT you to understand how they have Mind Fucked you. This will be their downfall. Klaus and Harvati Dill Cheese boy telling you they will hack you and make you angry. HA HA look what I can do!!!!!!!!! Well, HA HA look what billions of People can do! You stupid Idiots, you intentionally let the cat out of the bag and now the Cat is Attacking you!!!!!!! You can never be accused of being smart!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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