Who has led the Charge on Censoring Free SPEECH? THE ADL! As we speak they are bragging about Monitoring You Tube, Twitter and all of these forums in order to Cancel speech THEY DO NOT LIKE! Would’t it be nice to only see YOUR OPINIONS on the Internet??? NO discussions of facts or information ever seen in the comments? An Array of Subjects with only ONE POINT OF VIEW! Never any deviancy from the same reference made over and over again. Sort of like Brainwashing. That is what Censorship is in fact. Corralling people into one mode of thought by TAKING AWAY other thoughts on a subject. You might call it Jewish Supremacy where the ADL will only Accept their own Narrative and Discounts any other facts. I suppose one of the Worst parts of this is the BOLDNESS in which the bald shiny head who speaks for the ADL comes right out and says they will Censor FREE SPEECH! The ADL must go. The Jews must go. Anti American Bill of Rights people must go. Ban the ADL is NOT just a Hashtag trending on Twitter. It is the LAW!!! The Law clearly states that FREE SPEECH wins the day! Get off the sites that do this. THE TIME IS NOW! The Time Is Now News

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