When Klaus and his Daughter declared that the Fake Covid Debacle would usher in the New World Order’s agenda to enslave the World with fake climate change and other pretend schemes, they were “lying in wait”for their enactment of Draconian fake laws. This agenda Murdered Billions of people worldwide. In the Courts there are clear Precedents for the GUILT of Killers who Premeditated through lying in wait. This is Not debatable. They further indicted themselves through the use of The ADL to CENSOR the Truth of the poison from forums that the people would use to form a decision. This DIRECTLY points to the ADL LYING IN WAIT to Maim and Kill innocent People. The Open Border madness was also Premeditated, in order to Destroy Nations. The Maui Fires were Premeditated. These means of Destruction through Weaponry had a purpose as they Laid in Wait to use them to Murder. The Laws dictate that they ALL be Arrested immediately and sentenced for Mass Murder!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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