What does true Freedom look like. Would there be no choice to make, picking one political party over another? Would there be just preferences based on your own thoughts? Does REAL FREEDOM make you CHOOSE between things? Does Trump offer Freedom or does he offer you more enslavement by holding himself up as your only choice to happiness and sanity? Can Another person give Freedom to the World? Can they make decisions about your life? Would this be Freedom or would this be Trickery? The only path to Real Freedom is to get rid of the Governments and the Bankers. Common Law is the only way. It gives the most Liberty and is based on Common Sense NOT Maritime Laws that are meant for the Navy. The Masons brought Maritime Law with them and also the Superstitious Luciferian Bullshit. We know it is Bullshit because God cast Lucifer down. Lucifer did NOT cast down God. God doesn’t have too try so hard like the Masons. God doesn’t say ” Hey give me your soul and I will make you famous kiddo!” Your soul is who you are. God doesn’t make you a slave. He doesn’t need hand symbols and numbers or crystals. He is God. God is right above us. His hand is over us. They are trying to block God out by spraying the skies but it will not work. They cannot Stop God. If you live by the Sword, you will die by the Sword.

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