WE need a Delegation of Americans to meet with the irrational Israeli Leader. He needs to be arrested and imprisoned, TODAY!!!!!!! Apparently we have no one capable of stopping a genocide on innocent people! I WILL STOP IT!!!! I WILL STOP IT!!!! I WILL STOP IT!!!! I will give him his options. I will leave the room for five minutes. Then I will come back for his answer. Depending on his response, he will either leave willingly or be “escorted” out. From there his judgment will be served. Done! I do not mess around. I honestly believe no one else has the command to do it. I do. Lindsey Graham will not get his jew money from an Iranian War. He will also need a private talk. I have seen the incompetence of our fake Government who seem to be wet noodles with half brains who shuffle papers and have no better presence than street people. I am the only choice. I see nothing even close. The Time Is Now News

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