WE don’t need a President or a Government. Look what they have done to us? We have no economy, no healthcare, only more Government. They poisoned people. IS THIS what we want? People live in the street. People steal goods from stores with no recourse. Lawlessness springs to mind. The only time laws have been implemented was illegally through Trump’s Fake Covid. People lost jobs. Suicides. Lost education for children. Dead and maimed Children and People and yet Trump is getting Awards from the jews. His Children say nothing about the dead people their father killed. Trump likes Porn and Casinos, Jew things. He worships MONEY. He let the jews hold up his Fake Border because they wanted OPEN BORDERS. Trump goes where the money is. He will do anything for money. Like a Whore. He has killed people with his Genocide. He needs to be ARRESTED! NOW!!!!!!!! Him and his jew cohorts need to be rounded up by the Militias. If America is to survive, it is the only way. THE TIME IS NOW!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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