Trump is APATHETIC about Maimed and Dying People from the Fake Vaccine he promoted. This is the WORST QUALITY a man can possess. All the jews, which he is one, have been behind the fake Covid Plandemic, Warp Speed, Open Borders, BLM all one summer on Trump’s watch. He loves the gays and child mutilation. His friends are the Clintons and Jew Hollywood. We have been watching a Movie with a script. He stood down when America needed him to Walk the Talk. He is a COWARD who bows down to his Jewish masters. He still Does Not care about innocent Victims. The Jews run the porn , the Casinos, the degenerative Music industry, the propagandized Movie Industry which Trump was part of on Television and in Movies. They run the Immigration Fiasco, the Feminist movement, Planned Parenthood, the INSURANCE INDUSTRY that let the Psychopaths take out policies on the Fake Vaccinated so they are ALL CASHING IN ON IT! He surrounds himself with Jew non humans who hate Goyims. The Jew bankers have made Americans poor, but TRUMP loves them. Trump cannot be in politics or anywhere near the White House. IF we even have elections, and that is a big if, the people will have to elect their own leaders who represent the Real America, NOT THE JEW CORPORATION THAT AMERICA IS RIGHT NOW. TRUMP’S ” AMERICA, OR SHOULD I SAY JEWMERICA” IS DEAD IN THE WATER. He should go away and never show his face again, he is on the wanted list of Genociders, Trump is wanted for Crimes Against Humanity. The Trick was to bring him in as a Republican and get the Conservatives on his side. This is an Infiltration technique born from Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals. INFILTRATION from within. This is the TYRANNY the forefathers spoke of. Our Constitution has been compromised by a wolf in sheep’s clothing. This was the Plan. And now after all the death and harm he has brought he wants to come back and FINISH THE JOB for his Jew Friends. Welcome to the Real World. The Time Is Now News

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