This is very IMPORTANT. There is a phrase for what the Psychopaths did to THE PEOPLE. BY Peddling Medical Quack Cures for a non proven Virus AND making money off from this Fraud, It is called CONFLICT OF INTEREST!!!! This is ILLEGAL!!! One cannot Profit off from their JOB using their Official Job to DERIVE PERSONAL BENEFIT!!! CONGRESS KNOWS THIS!!! And yet they allow these CHARLATANS to ROB THE PEOPLE as they Maim and KILL THEM!!!!!! What does that say about Congress and DC? Perhaps they DO NOT have The People’s best interest at heart. It seems to be a fake Protected Cult of Narcissistic Fake Elected people who think they can Rule without using the Constitution as their guide. I DO NOT think this is a system WE THE PEOPLE CAN SUPPORT!!! They all use their JOB to make Money for personal gains. And the money is Many times from those they claim to work for. THIS CANNOT STAND!!! IT DOES NOT HOLD WATER!!!! UNLESS THEY WANT to all go to jail and be UNEMPLOYED they MUST DO THEIR RIGHTFUL SERVICE AND FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES IN THE CONSTITUTION!!!! WHEN A PERSON WAVERS IN THE FACE OF TEMPTATION TO STEAL FROM HIS COMPANY OR WORKPLACE AND DO SUBPAR LABOR WHILE HARMING THEIR CUSTOMERS AND PROFITING FROM THAT HARM, WELL THEY NEED TO MAKE RESTITUTION AND LEAVE THE PREMISES AND/OR GO TO JAIL!!!! WHEN THE CRIME IS SO HUGE, THEY GO TO JAIL. THESE ARE THE SAME PEOPLE WHO MAKE THOSE THEY STEAL FROM PAY ILLEGAL SENTENCES FOR NOT OBEYING FRAUD LAWS WHILE THEY ROB THEM BLIND!!!!!!! AMERICANS HAVE HAD IT WITH DC!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS YOUR NOTICE!!!!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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