There is no Political persecution of Trump. Biden is as Persecuted as Trump. Trump is trying to DIVIDE our Country once more with rhetoric of how he likes Black people. He encouraged BLM to riot. That is a Jew Tactic. He will do NOTHING for black people, just as he did nothing before. He is as Culpable as Biden for the Open Border. He could have sent our Military and crowd control equipment to the border BUT he did not! Where’s the Black people in his Family??? Only jews. The jews pretend to like blacks in order to USE them, but Israel is kicking them out as we speak!!!! He could have used his Parmaceutical millions he was given to build the wall. The Rigged Election is a HOAX!!! We never elect anyone and he knows it. It is to DISTRACT people from the Globalist Agenda and the Genocide he has started!!!!!!! TRUMP is a KILLER!

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