There is a lot of Disinformation flying around right now. People who are supposed to be Truthful, are not. The Confusion is part of the plan to disarm people from having the clarity to see what is really going on. It is easy to be blinded by Actors whom actually help bad people to get their agenda through. You never want to make the enemy Stronger by falling for Controlled Opposition. The ones out front with big Audiences who ask for money are defiantly NOT working to save people. Take a LOOK around you and you will see REALITY. Those on the internet who tell you what is real or not are liars. You can SEE there is NO FAKE COVID! You can SEE Injury and DEATH from the Fake Poison Vaccines! You can see TRUMP doesn’t do what he says he will do! TRUST YOUR OWN EYES AND EARS! Hollywood and DC go hand in hand. They use Dramatic Techniques to convince you that they are really Government. Hollywood gives lessons to them in order to let them play the part. It is a Big Show and YOU are the bit players. You don’t matter. They say there are no small parts only small actors. BULLSHIT! You have to AUDITION to be in GOVERNMENT! If you lose you are relagated to fall victim to those whom were chosen for the Big Parts! Nancy Pelosi is ” Running Again.” She has to stay in DC to play her part. She doesn’t have a choice. Once you become part of the Company, you can’t get out! The Trump Rallies are a Production with props like flags and red hats. In a serious Life or Death Scenario that People are Facing would we be going to the Circus??? There is no mention of GENOCIDE at the Rallies. It is as if it is ANOTHER WORLD! If people want to participate in a world of Ignorance and Consensual Harm to others than they will be themselves Ignored. The Political Realm does NOT represent real Human Beings. They are Void of All that makes one Human. BE WATCHFUL. Follow the REAL people who are not part of the Money Machine. Follow yourself. If you are led down the Primrose Path you will be swallowed up by doom. You are Stronger than you think! Follow Good! Eyes On! THE TIME IS NOW!!!! The Time Is Now News

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