THE ONLY Document worth referencing is the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights. The rest are to confuse and steal from you. The Pharma Companies are not worth the breath you use to pick them apart. It goes much Larger than One Company. They are all under the same Umbrella and it does not COVER THE PEOPLE!!!!!! And there is but ONE way to stop EVIL. The People will not Listen to the empty RHETORIC anymore. There is not a Soapbox in the world strong enough to hold the Humongous pile of Shit that stands on it!!!!!!! Words are not enough. True POSITIVE CHANGE comes after BATTLE! It is when the drive to stop the Corruption is SO POWERFUL that INERTIA is no longer TOLERABLE!!!!!! The World People are at that Moment In Time right Now. What one cannot Tolerate One must Rid themselves of! The Time Is Now!!!! The Time Is Now News

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