The jews ran the whole Fake Covid Plandemic and Fake Poison Vaccine Scam! ALL JEWS!!! The people who bring you the ADL ANTI FREE SPEECH MILITANT TERRORIST GROUP! BY CENSORING the truth they coerced people through lack of real knowledge to take poison. ‘Take a bite of the POISON APPLE the SERPENT says’. Like Trump’s Snake story. He knew. Trump is a jew. All the jews knew. They are KILLERS!!! And now they must Hang! Look at the death around you! Young people, all ages, dead or dying by THEIR HAND!!!!!! THE JEWS MUST BE ABOLISHED!!!!!!!! The Father of the Fake Vaccine must hang. They will be hunted down. Those with an axe to grind shall be lying in wait. Through a Preponderance of Evidence I believe the Premeditation to KILL lies with the Fake Vaccine Pushers. They KNEW the repercussions of this Poison, Masks and Lockdowns therefore they LOSE in the Courts. They are the ACTUAL Purveyors of this Poison and they Laid in Wait for the opportunity to harm America and the World. This is a MASSIVE GENOCIDE that they Planned for YEARS and YEARS! Even in the Maritime Law Courts, THEY LOSE!!!!!!!!! I REST MY CASE!!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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