The jews have been working on Political Correctness for a LOOOONG Time. But words belong to The People. NOBODY OWNS WORDS!! People must realize that Nobody has Authority over anyone else. They just killed a man in cold blood ( OR DID THEY) for ” allegedly” saying he wanted to kill the President. But without an INVESTIGATION , they do not know it was him. Nevertheless they Swatted his house and SHOT HIM DEAD! NO LAW will uphold what they did. No President Executive order holds ANY WATER! The People Live by the Common Law of Man guided by the Laws of Nature in Accordance with the Constitution, The Bill of Rights and the Ten Commandments. It is starting to look like those who say they carry out the Law are those whom are Breaking The Law. This is where THE PEOPLE begin to tally up the numbers and understand they have them on their side. The Jews are Burning down States and Killing People. They are Losing Ground.

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