The Internet is run by the Jew Bankers. You would think Bankers do Money things but they are involved with the working of the entire World. All the Social Sites are NOT run by Trump, Dorsey, Musk, Russian guys, England guys, etc….. they are run by jew Bankers. 4 chan and 8 chan and all the chans run by jews. Q is a jew. How could the NWO Bankers implement a plan to takeover the World and NOT own and control the INTERNET? They couldn’t. Period. It is Vital that they control all the information. That is why few tiny truth places pop up. It is all Controlled by THEM. Just like the Wars are funded by them on all sides. The Internet is Media. They control all the media. GET IT NOW? Maybe the web is a Spider Web where Jews catch Goyims. Should we have a web not ON the internet?

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