Soon Americans will learn that the CORPORATION that has been running DC has run out of time. It has all been about Trusts and Contracts. It ran out a few years ago, but they have been keeping it from THE PEOPLE. The Common Law America was formed around is back. The Maritime Law is over. This was a signing over of America to British Laws making the US a Corporation run as a Business to make profit for the Crown and Banking Houses, Wealthy Companies and the Stock Exchange were touted as American enterprises. This has caused the Federal Reserve run by the Jews to print money and run America into the ground by their reckless behavior. That is why BRICS is getting out while the going is good. That is why African nations are standing up and pushing back on American Jew Military robbing them of resources and a decent life. America has fallen. BUT THE GOOD NEWS IS THAT WE STILL HAVE COMMON LAW, THE CONSTITUTION, THE BILL OF RIGHTS, OUR GUNS AND EVERYTHING WE NEED TO RIGHT THIS SHIP! We run the transportation and the oil rigs. We produce the food. We have Military people in the know. We know the ins and outs of every fucking working part that makes America run like a clock. NOT the Fucking Fools who took America down. They are USELESS! The Courts will be re educated. The Bureaucracy that has hindered Americans will be gone. Deportations will be carried out by The People and the Military that honors their oath. And we have Militias. Justice will take care of the Traitors and they will face THE PEOPLE!!!!! WE THE PEOPLE control it all. Capable Individuals will be vetted and hold positions while the election process is straightened out. NO ONE WHO WAS IN GOVERNMENT WILL BE THERE ANYMORE. They didn’t even sign their contracts because they are illegal. They are not suppose to be in DC. We may decide to move the Government somewhere else. DC was captive under the Maritime Law Corporation, not a part of America. It will be easier than you think. It is an EXCITING TIME FOR AMERICA AND THE WORLD. A new money can be printed backed by GOLD. Americans know how to do these things. We can run it ALL!!!!!!!!! We need SMART, GOOD and COMPETENT People and I could name off a few easily. WE ARE FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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