So above, so below. Light and Dark. Push and Pull. THERE IS NO GOD WITHOUT LUCIFER. THERE IS NO LUCIFER WITHOUT GOD. SO THE MASON MADE UNDER THE DIRECTION OF THE MAKER! SO WHO IS MORE POWERFUL? Did Lucifer cast God into Chains out of Heaven??? NO, HE DID NOT!!!!!!!! DID GOD cast LUCIFER out???? YES, HE DID! Who came first, the chicken or the egg? Was the Maker of the jews more important than the terror the Jews have caused. Without their Maker could they even EXIST? Or cause pain and suffering? No. So GOD is more powerful than Lucifer. Lucifer holds no more power than anyone else. His power is actually less. It dims as it is diminished by his fakery. Illusions are NOT real and cannot display abilities that can only be obtained and utilized on something Tangible. It is a Miracle that the world has been able to defeat Evil and only God can do Miracles. Anyone can be Lucifer, like a costume on Halloween. But there is but one GOD. What a Ridiculous premise to base one’s life on, NUMBERS and hand gestures!!!!!!!! What a Fucking Waste of Time. Only Fools would fall for that shit! OOOOOHHHH I can make a Triangle with my hands! What are you people so low IQ, you must do little signs to each other????? Here is ONE EYE!!!! OH WOW! That was VERY GOOD! Here is a gold star!!!!!!!!! Here is a Circle with 25 Squares and Triangles in it and surrounded by trees and a squirrel. WHAT DOES IT MEAN???? IT MEANS LUCIFER IS A TREE MASON!!!!!!!!! You better be SCARED!!!!!!!!!!! Your( the Psychopaths) bad people and you alone did BAD THINGS and NO one can help you!!!!! Can’t blame it on the devil. YOUR IN BIG TROUBLE! The Time Is Now News

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