REMEMBER how GOD said it was so hard for a RICH man to get into Heaven???? Harder than going through an eye of a Needle? Why does Trump say he doesn’t believe in asking God For FORGIVENESS??? That is the sign of an EVIL MAN! Lucifer says, Do what thou will. A Man of God seeks Forgiveness and feels EMPATHY towards people. Trump thinks he is ABOVE being Forgiven and he doesn’t blink an eye over Fake Poison Vaccines killing people. He had FOUR years but NO Break in the ADRENOCHROME activities??? I wonder why???? We had to look at horseface Tranny Stormy Daniels. He attended Galas and Golfed. He talks a good game but he is Evil. We were told an evil one would come clothed in promises of good things to come. Well TRUMP is that person. His Fallen Angels surround him. They call themselves MAGA. BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GOD IS WATCHING!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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