Now I am going to put a few things together for you. We have found out that the Fake Vaccine had LOT numbers. Some seemed to cause more harm than others, at least in the beginning round. As boosters came about they caused even MORE harm it seems. Now WHY would they all be Numbered and Programmed to effect certain people in certain ways? Fake Vaccines are supposed to be equivocal in substance and quantity, uniformed exactly all the same. That is a STRINGENT protocol that has always been required of drugs including shots and Fake Vaccines. BUT these fake Covid Shots are all over the place. Some lots this, some lots that. However they were ALL Programmable Data so the Names of the Fake Vaccinated coordinated with the Lot’s Numbers. This signifies that they knew WHO was going to receive WHAT Fake Vaccine. This would Correlate the insurance premiums taken out on the people, matching them up with the BAD LOTS that were destined to cause Harm and Death, making the Policy taken out on those people sure to be a Big Payout. As soon as your name came up they matched your lot number for INSURANCE PURPOSES! They wanted High Value Payouts. That is why Derelicts on the street and low value people didn’t have side effects or death after being Fake vaccinated. But look at all the high esteemed athletes that were in top form and added Value to our lives, THEY DIED! Their Birth Certificates had High Value, either placed at birth or later on as they grew. This was a PLAN to Deceive EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!! Your life is nothing but Data with a Value put on it that they will collect when they kill you. And that’s the rest of the story. How does that make you feel? The Time Is Now News

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