MY COMMENTARY ON CONGRESS. I believe that The Censoring Of RFK JR needs to be further dissected. A study came out saying that the Covid did not effect ASHKENAZI Jews or Chinese. RFK JR, at some point in time earlier, had cited this study in the context of a Conversation he was having over Dinner. Somehow DEBBIE SCHULTZ had decided to bring this up at a Congressional hearing for CENSORSHIP which RFK JR was being Questioned. The Real Topic here is WHY SCHULTZ would ASSUME it was AGAINST the jews to repeat the result of the study. NO ONE said it was Deliberately not targeting the jews. When someone has an Allergic reaction to shellfish, it is NOT assumed that ANTI FISHERMAN targeted these people. Everyone is FREE to say any studies about allergies without being called RACIST or committing a Hate Crime. It is Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Psychopathic REACTION to this study that needs to be EXPLORED!!!!!!! Congress needs to RECONVENE and Apologize to RFK JR! NOW!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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