Let me explain something to you. Listen carefully. The Fake Globalists are PASTY and sickly looking. They have three things in their weapon arsenal. They have the words Anti Semitism, Terrorist and they have Ted talks and other lame forums. ThAT is IT!!! BUT the PEOPLE have been victimized and oppressed, they are awakened and have DRIVE AND PASSION behind them, pushing them forward! Who will win? The True Warriors have a POWER that can’t be bought. The power lies with those whom have ALREADY seen Battle!!!!! They are RESILIENT and STRONG. Their minds are sharp and their skills are SHARPER!!!!!!! The Fake Globalists won’t know what hit them. They will lose all their ASSETS!!!!! They will be naked, standing alone, each one of them. They are in the crosshairs of Billions of People. They have never really fought in their entire lives. They don’t wipe their shitty asses. They are USELESS PSYCHOPATHS! They have already LOST THE WAR!!!!!!! They are too stupid to know it.

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