Let me explain something to you. If Trump was not working with the Biden Camp then how come they NEVER expose the Trump Kids??? They never do COCAINE???? They aren’t DEMOCRATS???? They’re JEWS!!!!!!! WAKE UP!!!!!! The Biggest Democrats and Cocaine users are the JEWS!!!!!!!! Look at Invaka???? Marlo is not a TRANNY???? Look at Crooked Jared?????? Instead they do Stormy Porno Fake Shit and Fake Russian Collusion. Hunter Biden DOES NOT care if he is the POSTER BOY for Childporn and Money Laundering, neither does his DAD. It is a BADGE OF HONOR for these Sleezeballs!!!!! Don Jr is with Gavin Newsome’s EX Tranny!!!!!! Give me a break. They are all in JEW BED TOGETHER with NO MORALS Whatsoever!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s all about the BENJAMINS!!!!!!! The only people who will save America are AMERICANS!!!!!!!!!!

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