LeBron James looks to have caved on the Fake Vaccine issue. This is sad that his son’s future, if he has one, is destroyed. The Deaths and injuries are sKYROCKETING!!!!!!!! SaTAN will strike you down in a Heartbeat even though you may have started worshipping his sorry ass!!! He’s Satan after all. THE DECEIVER!!!!!! His only power is through the works of Humans who buy into his shit. He cannot accomplish things on his own, he must go through Human beings, try to convince them he is magical!!!!!!! He is a POS with NO power!!!!!!!! BUT HE WILL SEE THAT YOU ARE DESTROYED FOR FALLING FOR HIS LIES! God cast out Lucifer! Lucifer did not cast out God!!!!!!!! IN the end you will burn in the Pits of Hell!!!!!!!!!

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