Kennedy’s couldn’t keep it in their pants BUT at least they TRIED to keep it quiet. Ronny loved his little Nancy. You never hear of Carter being a Pedo!!! Clinton was a Lady’s man BUT TRUMP AND BIDEN take the cake!!!!!!!! YOU WILL Notice I am Skipping Obama and Big Mike, it is SO Heinous I can’t deal with it right now! So why do we have TWO Soap Opera Loser Pedos, Biden and Trump, Clogging the News cycles for YEARS NOW!!!! STORMY PORNO and HUNTER CRACKHEAD son of THE SNIFFER!!!!!!! IT’S DISGUSTING!!!!!!! They are GROSS and Inadequate to be Leaders of AMERICA!!!!!!! WHY are they there???? SO YOU NEVER SEE THE GENOCIDE RIGHT UNDER YOUR FUCKING NOSES!!!! THAT’S WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s a SHIT SHOW EVERY FUCKING DAY, ON PURPOSE to DISTRACT YOU!!!!!!!!! RISE UP AMERICA AND TAKE DOWN THIS POS DC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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