It is Time to take a GOOD Look at the word Racist. Reverse Psychology was used. By calling Someone racist and denoting it was a derogatory term, it was Accepted as such. But In actuality being racist is being AWARE of your race and who you really are. To those jews with a mission to replace Whites, calling White people Racist was the answer to their agenda. To Whites it became a way of denying their self worth because if they looked at themselves through their deep culture and race OTHERS with bad intentions could not manipulate and USE them! Your race gives you Stability and Power. While Blacks strongly identify with their race and Latinos and Jews, White people are brainwashed to NOT identify with being White! White is Superior and has posed a Threat to other Races. This is changing. We are going BACK to a time where We Whites are Proud to be White. It was bound to happen. THE TIME IS NOW! The Time Is Now News

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