It is starting to look like Jews are mentally ill. This is from worshipping the Devil. Nobody in their RIGHT MINDS would want to Mutilate CHILDREN!!!!!! Nor would they delight in pushing POISON on innocent people! Sane people would not open their borders to just Anybody. Sane people do not RUN PORN HUBS and Make PORN FILMS! Sane People want little children to have happy go lucky childhoods NOT worry about cutting their breasts off and looking at Nightmarish Drag Queens!!!!!! The Jews have inbred for too long. They not only look mangy, their brains are fried. SO WHY DOES AMERICA ALLOW THE CULTISH JEWS IN THEIR GOVERNMENT! WE ARE A REPUBLIC, WE DON’T ALIGN WITH DEMOCRACIES!!!!!! ISRAEL CAN GO FUCK ITSELF!!!!!!!!!! GET RID OF THE STINKY JEWS!!!!!!!!NOW!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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