It is important for people to know where Trump fits into the Globalist agenda to takedown America. The Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky states for Communists to Pretend they are the establishment in order to gain a foothold into DC and The White House. Once in power than they can show their True Colors and enforce Socialism and Globalism. TRUMP, the Democrat Infiltrator, was the EMBER to light the Flame of CHAOS and DIVISION which, by the way, he did very well. MAGA quickly separated from other Americans herding the Masses into 2 Different Corrals. Everyone focused on the DIFFERENCES not the Common Ground they all held that consists of LIBERTY, FREEDOM and INDIVIDUALITY!!!!!!!! Now the Jew Agenda Sanctioned by Trump and DC that will REPLACE WHITES WITH a MIXED BROWN People lowing the IQ of White People is being implemented through Open Borders. They FEAR WHITE PEOPLE as they should!!!!!!!!!! Trump is EVIL!!!!!!! RISE UP WHITE COUNTRIES!!! There is no time like the Present!!!!!!!!! THE TIME IS NOW!!!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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