It appears that The ADL Is behind the FBI and CIA MOSSAD! The ADL has its fingers in everybody’s pies!!! They have connected The ADL TO WACO!!!!The ADL SPIES on Americans and treats them like Terrorists even though THEY are the ones who use Terrorist Tactics on The People! JEWMERICA is no longer under the Constitution. If it was, the Jews would be in Prison! They want smart cities to Incinerate people like in MAUI! They trapped the Burning Man people soaking them with Lye Mud. Right now the Jews are drooling as they pant like dogs to get their man TRUMP back in to finish the job! Americans must be taken down. Do you think they would put someone who said what they were doing in the White House???? No they have to have someone who is a good LIAR! Like Trump. There will be no election in 2024.

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