In an Authentic Situation one doesn’t need an Organization to interpret what occurred. It can be seen for what it is. If one gets run over by a Tractor and everyone around them gets run over by Tractors, one doesn’t need a Tractor League to rush to the scene to tell everyone that they got run over by Tractors. Everybody can SEE what really happened. Even if some did NOT get run over by Tractors the Tractor League will say they did. This implants a False memory into people and they just Assume the League is right and what they saw is wrong. This is the ADL. Their Narrative is Faulty and based on Sand NOT Rock. After so many years people are just Accepting their Brutality and Highway Robbery. NO ONE should be curtailing FREE SPEECH!!! It makes them look GUILTY of a Crime and that they are covering up for something. Truth does not need to be CENSORED or Hidden, like the Hidden Masonic Hand in the jacket. I hate to be the one to Break it to everyone but the hand is NO LONGER HIDING!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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