If People want to look at the NWO they only have to look at their OWN GOVERNMENTS!!! That is why NIGER in Africa tossed their Government because they were CROOKED!!!!!!! Klaus is a Spokesman for the Government Cabal. The NWO has been here awhile. Why do you think people cannot afford Housing and Food? That is your OWN GOVERNMENT depriving you!!!! THEY ARE RUN BY THE JEWS NOT AMERICANS!!!!!!!!! No American would MAKE AMERICANS SUFFER and kill them with Poison Fake Vaccines. They are all JEWS NOW BOWING DOWN TO THE JEW DEVIL!!! Every Disaster now is a Ritual SACRIFICE for the JEWS!!! They have dual passports. Their goal was to infiltrate America and take her down. They run Child Trafficking. They run PORN, OPEN BORDERS, BANKING FRAUD, Fake Plandemics, Poison Vaccines, harvesting BABYS with PP, Big Pharma, CONGRESS, The White House, ALL GOVERNMENTS who are NO LONGER GOVERNING FOR THE PEOPLE BUT THEY ARE GOVERNING FOR THE JEWS!!!!!!!!!!!! WAKE UP!!!!!

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