I will break it down for you. FEMA is an arm of the Bankers. The BANKERS are Globalists who want to enforce FAKE LAWS, MANDATES, in order to intimidate THE PEOPLE. THE BANKERS are JEWS, TRUMP IS A JEW! Even the local Police knew they could NOT enforce MANDATES, FAKE LAWS. The Beatdowns you saw in Australia were FEMA UNITED NATION FAKE THUGS!!!! The COVIDTARDS are paid by THE BANKERS. TRUMP is PAID by the BANKERS to PRETEND that Fake Poison Vaccines will be used for the FAKE COVID and to Pretend that they will help the COVIDTARDS! Trump is EMPLOYED by the Banker JEWS!!!! He has made A LOT of money for Committing GENOCIDE throughout the World. Behind the scenes TRUMP handed over the BATON to BIDEN, THE BANKERS and all their minions while PRETENDING he was opposed to them. Saul Alinsky Tactics!!!! VOILA!!!! NO ONE has to listen to FEMA!!!! They are a made up emergency group of CABAL KILLERS!!!!! There are NO FEMA CAMPS!!!! THEY WILL ALL be rounded up and HUNG!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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