I want BLM and Jews to kneel down and kiss my feet but only pretend so they don’t actually Touch me! They have lied and destroyed my Country!!!! My Statues are GONE! My Money has been ROBBED!!!!!!!! Opportunities for my White People were lost because even though they are Borderline retarded they were accepted to Higher Education Institutions. Children have been BRAINWASHED!!! They have Rioted and injected POISON into people!!!!!!!!!! My Country has been DUMBED DOWN!!!!!!! We now have an IDIOT in the WH and PEDOS in the Congress!!!!!!! I want RETRIBUTIONS!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!! People were told that Slow Minded people would be Good for AMERICA!!! In what world does a lower creature raise up a higher life form?????? Everyone should SUE these Subhumans!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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