I think Humanity could do without the Trump Bootlickers who do not give a shit about Fake Vaccine VICTIMS! There is no High Priestess in training because the Mossad CIA makes all this shit up!!!!!!!! It’s all a Psyop. These people who are holding up Fake narratives as proof that something is Real and following Trump around like a Lapdog are NUTTY. It takes away from the evilness of people to blame it all on a Devil Church. There are no Court Federal Documents pertaining to Witness Satanic Acts Weirdos. It’s all a scam so you do not see the Genocide that Trump Kicked off. There is no Q. Q is a JEW operation. A poor girl was convinced of a Lucifer when in fact it was her wicked grandmother and friends who Brutally Abused her. Do you not understand that the same ” GOVERNMENT” that is killing you would create a SATAN to take all the blame for heinous crimes? It has been rather Convenient wouldn’t you say? Sure there is unspeakable Horrid behavior but that is a Person’s CHOICE! ‘The devil made me do’ it is only a saying. When people worship Satan, they are worshipping being BAD! Plain and simple. They are looking for an excuse. These are criminals. Conducting a Genocide makes Trump a Criminal in a suit with bad hair.

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