I think Americans are afraid that Mitch, The turtle, McConnell, will OUTRUN them if they don’t use poisonous lightbulbs any more. He will come after them. Maybe Klaus will come and beat you up if you say FUCK YOU KLAUS!!!!!! I Think Congress are VERY SCAREEEEE!!! We should all be quaking in our boots. Let’s just stand around and complain when they lock up our neighbors for protesting peacefully. Dianne Feinstein will run you down with her wheelchair while Nancy Pelosi clubs you with her Gavel that she stole back from Kevin McCarthy when he was meeting with Joey about the FAKE ECONOMY!!!! Better hide under your sofa Americans!!! What can 350 million Americans with enough guns to fight wars forever, what could they possibly do??? Just let Biden tell you what you should be doing. Yeah that makes a lot of sense. Someone ELSE will get these people. Someone ELSE will Stop the Faggots. Someone ELSE will fight for your right to your own Fucking Money. Someone will be right with you. The Military has your back while they are being poked like Swiss Cheese with Fake Poison Vaccines. The Jews will take over America and stomp you filthy goyims faces into the ground. Its okay. The jews will pound you with their Dreidels!!!!! OMG run away Americans, Run away!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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