I really Like the looks of these fake Immigrants coming into America. They look kind of Snazzy Bohemian Hip and Happening and would probably bring a really cool casserole to the next neighbor meet and greet. It’s so charming to hear them not be able to speak English. They have a Knack for traveling and packing light. Their New Age approach to just give me a form and I will work as a dishwasher, kind of a Cool, it doesn’t bother me Vibe. And when they get upset they aren’t all pretending to be okay with things and passive aggressive, they go into the streets with guns they resourced and tell you straight up they’re not happy. I really love when they toss out the FREE meals because they have STANDARDS! It’s amazing that they have children whom they can’t remember their name and doesn’t resemble them. Boy that takes talent. They really wanted to come to America and trash the motels. That takes real courage. Just let DC do this Americans, THANK YOU JEWS for the Diversity you won’t take in Israel. THANKS! The Time Is Now News

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