I heard that on Jan 6, Trump went back to the White House instead of up to the Capitol with the people. He confessed all his sins and wrongdoings, during the time span which had some sort of Significance, so they would have Blackmail when he left the office. When he re emerged from the WH he told everyone to go home. Something VERY FISHY went on. Perhaps there was not enough to keep him inline like a good little servant. Maybe they threatened him which is the JEW DEVILS preferred Method of Slavery for the Goyims. You can be sure nothing good came out of that WH on that day. No attempt to free the Political prisoners. NOTHING, ZERO, ZIP. He has only pushed the Fake Vaccines since leaving killing people right and left. It is a BIG Satanic Ritual, Harvesting Souls. VERY VERY SUSPICIOUS!!!!!!! Obama is not the antichrist. The White House is Evil. It belongs to the Corporation of the United States. The Capitol and Pentagon are Evil. They all have Masonic Symbology all over them. The Shaman prayed an Evil Demonic Prayer in the Chambers on Jan. 6. He NEVER went to jail. That is why they escorted him in there. Shamans are evil people, NOT OF GOD, who do witchcraft and spells. They wanted extra leverage with Demonic prayers in the Chambers to Kill more Americans and take America down to RUINS. BEWARE CONGRESS are all DEMONS! And THAT is the rest of the STORY! The Time Is Now News

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