I fear that Israel has been going on the assumption that America is still a strong Military Force. Many different factors have chipped away at the USA’S ability to fight on more than one front, possibly not even one. This could prove to be shocking for Israel to find out that they did all this killing and no one is behind them to back them up. Meanwhile the division in the Middle East has take a backburner and Unity has surpassed it over the Palestinian Murdered Children. This is a Quandary for Israel. The slaughtering of innocent Children has Tarnished the Reputation of Israel. This is reflected in the Mass Protests against Israel Worldwide. On the heels of a fake Covid and fake Poison Vaccine being Attributed to Israel, the Situation is looking Bleak for Israel. Each minute that passes by is a Dismal Reminder that Hindsight can only be looked at, not allowing a do over when that would be the Remedy needed. The Time Is Now News

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