I am Searching for the day of the Trump Rally where he will Follow up his” The Fake Vaccines are Great” monologue with the Death Count Attributed to these Fake Vaccines. Surely he would be abreast about the Carnage Numbers Worldwide. If he is so PROUD about the Poison Fake Vaccines on his Warp Speed, then he MUST be EQUALLY PROUD of the Millions, perhaps Billions of Dead People who succumbed to the Trump Poison. He should have those statistics at his fingertips. NOBODY would push a Fake Poison Vaccine and then not want to know the RESULTS! SO LET’S HEAR IT TRUMP! C’mon your good at selling things, Sell us your reason for Genociding innocent people and children. Are you a Weak person easily Influenced by Jewish Money and the thought of power? Should someone like you even ever be in a leadership position because you are a Follower with Poor Discernment and Morals? No, of course not, you are merely a prop and a Dangerous one at that. ARREST TRUMP!!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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