I am going to explain what is going on with the money. In the next post is a video with a false narrative. The WEF is the front organization for the BANKERS. The central Banks have controlled the money for years. The CBDC IS NOT about seeing who is Fake Vaccinated, not about Social Credit. The Pandemic was solely about introducing the CBDC. After this they will not need Pandemics anymore. They need to Digitally Control the money so People will NEVER be able to see Money Laundering ever again. The Bankers ARE the CRIMINALS and they must keep their trafficking of Humans, Drugs, Organs under wraps. Right now there is a MONEY TRAIL being exposed with the Bidens and in Ukraine. With Digital Currency run by the Criminal Bankers NO ONE will ever SEE the exchange of illegal money for Nefarious purposes. THAT IS THE REASON FOR THE PUSH FOR THE CBDC’S. THEY WILL BE ABLE TO KEEP THEIR ILLICIT MONEY AFFAIRS FROM PRYING EYES!!!!! IT IS NOT ABOUT SURVEILLANCE OR SOCIAL CREDIT SCORES! IT IS NOT ABOUT TELLING YOU WHAT FOOD YOU CAN EAT! IT IS ABOUT HIDING THE MONEY TRAIL FROM THE NON CRIMINALS!!!!!!!! THIS IS WHY THEY PUSH THE CREDIT SCORES IN THE MEDIA. THEY DON’T WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW THE REAL REASON THEY WANT DIGITAL MONEY!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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