How can There be a War? Has Russia and Ukraine become one BIG Laundromat for Illicit money???? Why hasn’t the news covered this War with Russia, A Super Power??? If there is no REASON for a War, not even a Fake reason, how can it Manifest as anything but a Mind Fuck for the People. It came on the heels of the GENOCIDE which is a REAL WAR on The World People, most notably the Whites. Did the Jews look for a way to make people forget they were actively killing them? Are the jews Retarded? The jews have relied on White People for so long to MAKE things because they are incompetent to do so, that they cannot even PULL OFF A COVER STORY for their Mass Murder! Nothing they do will work. Trump is a JEW. His LOYALTY is with the jews and he will hang with the jews. Arrests need to be made. Trump Called The people to DC on the 6th. He accused everyone and their brother of election crimes. And then he proceeded to clog the news cycles with Rigged Election Shit!!!! He was providing Cover up for the Genocide he Directed. This Smart Alec POS Trump needs to be HUNG and all his Jew Minions with him! Trump has caused MORE HARM THAN ANY OTHER MAN. THE TRUMPTARDS HAD BETTER STEP AWAY SHOULD THEY END UP BEING ACCESSORIES TO GENOCIDE. THE PEOPLE KNOW WHAT HAPPENED!!!!!!! GET THEM ALL!!!!

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