HERE COMES A TIME IN EVERYONE’S LIVES WHEN THE RUBBER MEETS THE ROAD AND REALITY COLLIDES WITH IDEALISM. Right now America and the World must Remove the Veil of illusion and Understand that illusion is WEAK. When something Operates under an illusion it is because it has no Substance. The Who, Trump, Congress, Fauci all of the faces you see in the news everyday are only there because they have FOOLED THE PEOPLE into thinking that what they are offering is REAL. It is NOT REAL. REAL is STEERING YOUR OWN SHIP. REAL IS FORMING YOUR OWN OPINIONS! REAL IS Hugging your Family, Protecting other people, Doling out Justice when it is needed. Not being Brainwashed by a Network of people in the media. They DO NOT HAVE YOUR BEST INTERESTS AT HEART. NOT ONE person in the news is Honest. What has been the consequence of that? The Fake Poison Vaccine for one. The World cannot AFFORD ANY MORE ERRORS IN JUDGEMENT!!!! THE PEOPLE MUST WAKE UP NOW!!!!!!! THE TIME IS NOW!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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