GEORGE BUSH started the CIA. He was in bed with the jews, maybe a jew himself. He talked about the NWO. The NWO are the layers of CIA MOSSAD Operators in Politics and Hollywood, the UN, the World Economic Forum and all Organizations, BlackRock and VANGUARD and State Street. Silicon Valley are CIA Mossad. Your States are full of CIA Jew intruders. This is why Jew Communities stick to themselves in Work and Socializing. There is an UMBRELLA that everything is under. The JEWS main goal is to DESTROY any Semblance of CULTURE and Separate Country Identities. This way they can bring in their own CULTISH DARK WAYS. You are just beginning to hear of jew Billy Gates owning real estate BUT he is also CIA MOSSAD CONTROLLED Blackmailed through Epstein. So all his ASSETS are not really his. His Job is to PROPAGANDIZE like they all do. They have stuff on KLAUSS and everyone. WAKEY! WAKEY! The Time Is Now News

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