EVERYTHING you are seeing on the news is a DIVERSION. The Psychopaths do not want you dwelling on the GENOCIDE they conducted on the masses. TRUMP is RESPONSIBLE for it ALL. Trump is turning out to be Demonic. A GREAT DECEIVER was ordained to bring in the Jew Genocide on WHITE PEOPLE and others who were Collateral Damage. He had to be a bit Buffonish and Narcissist. He also had to be able to cast spells. Under the MAGA umbrella he gathered Followers. Talking one thing while DOING ANOTHER. Words are spells. Hand gestures are spells. He is a Deceiver. All his groupies are working for the Devil. He brought America down to the lowest point that he could. Look at US! His Apathy towards the Maimed and Dead from the Fake Covid Vaccine is straight from Satan himself. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!

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