DON’T LOOK AT THE GENOCIDE!!!!!!!!! At last count, right after the Fake Poison Vaccines were administered, 120,000.00 CHILDREN dropped DEAD. 120,000 THOUSAND!!!!! The CDC has Confirmed this. How many are dead now 3 years later???????? THIS ISN’T NEWS?????????? JEW Trump and his Kangaroo COURT IS NEWS??????????? They will start fires so you do not see the Child Trafficking going on. They will Put ANY SHIT NEWS out there so you Forget thE MASS MURDER of Millions of people. Billy Gates said the world Population has been REDUCED BY 1 BILLION PEOPLE! How many more to go???????? WAKE UP! No one but the people will drag their asses to be punished for their GRAVE CRIMES!!!!!!!! Trump has the NERVE to fake run for President again after committing GENOCIDE ON THE WORLD! WAKE UP!!!! WAKE UP!!!! WAKE UP!!!! The Time Is Now News

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