Don’t be fooled by those who say Trump is like Hitler. Trump LOVES his JEWS. That is an ABSURD observation. Trump wants to Drop the Hammer down on any Freedoms left. Fake Covid Lockdowns will be a walk in the park compared to his plan to ENHANCE GOVERNMENT CONTROL and hand America Finally over to THE JEW RATS!!!!!!! You will notice the Hollywood and News crowd are now silent. They will openly support Trump, like Roseanne is trying to be a Voice of Reason! She is a Jew Bitch Through and Through. HAHAhahaha! Too funny!!! Be careful, Eric Trump and his Tranny looking Jew wife are downright weird. But we can take Don Jr and his tranny looking girlfriend SERIOUSLY!!!!! Yeah they’re real Bright Bulbs. RIGHT???? The Great Awakening is a CIRCUS!!!!!!!! Who the hell knows who Flynn is. They are Fakers and Money grabbers. They are no better than Billy Gates and Joey Biden. They all PLAY OFF FROM EACH OTHER!!! ACTORS!!!!!!!! WAKE UP EVERYBODY!!!!

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