DO you REALLY think that America and Germany give money to ISRAEL Just so they can build up their Soldiers and Fake Iron Dome which is only missiles meant to go up take out other missiles but never hits the mark. NO. They pretend to give them money for the purpose of OPTICS. This way they create a MONEY TRAIL much like Laundering Money! In reality Israel runs the Pentagon. The Pentagon Creates WARS. This is all Israeli Money we supposedly give to Israel to buy canned goods for fake Holocaust survivors who are now 150 years old and cannot operate a can opener. THIS IS RIDICULOUS! Rothschilds, Amshel, told his sons, if you want WAR you can buy war. And that’s what they did. What better way to MAKE MONEY, KILL PEOPLE, STEAL AND BLUDGEON innocent people??? And now the SAME PEOPLE, CENTRAL BANKERS are still running the Israel Military in America and are ready to TAKE over America and finish her off. This way they Get AMERICA, UKRAINE, GERMANY, RUSSIA, POLAND, Canada,Hungary, England, Everything THEY SAID HITLER WANTED!!!! AND they are TRYING TO TAKE AWAY FREE SPEECH SO NO ONE SAYS WHAT THEY ARE DOING!!! I DON’T THINK SO JEWIES!!!!!!! Israel is NOT HOLY! It was a PSYOP!!! We are in a WAR RIGHT NOW OF WORDS!!!!!!! They are desperately trying to make their Lame Sorcery work but it is FAILING!!! That is GOD getting involved. They will be struck down harder than anyone can IMAGINE!!! DOWN THEY GO!!!! DOWN THEY GO!!!! DOWN THEY GO!!!!

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